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Pillow case jumia,We proceed to the seaside nearly every yr, and every time we arrive home I possess a handbag of covers that I lovingly gathered on my daily taking walks along the sea. Pillow Covers Sale Online

pillow cover mustard,I provide home huge types, little ones, broken types, and types that inevitably obtain thrown in the backyard. On a credenza in our dining room is a huge bowl of shells that I possess been looking at for a long time. I finally realized that I needed to do something with some of them, so I decided to make these earrings.

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They have turned out better than I expected, and I find myself wearing them often, especially this year, because we didn’t make it to the beach. pillowcase for curls.

They are fun and flirty, and friends like them so much that they have asked me to make pairs for them.

So dig out those shells you have in a box in your storage room, and give this project a try. I bet you’ll love them as much as I do.

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Choose two seashells that are similar in shape, color, and size. I used scallop shells because they are lightweight and thinner than others. They also come in so many incredible colors and patterns.

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pillow cover decor,If you don’t have your own seashells, you can buy them online. The hooks I used were like these from Amazon, and I have a lot left over to make earrings for all those friends of mine who wanted a pair.

To drill the holes, I used a 2 inch thick old and worn wooden cutting board to cover my surface. This is important, because it’s easy to drill right through the shell and onto the surface. Drill slowly.

Note: Use extreme care when drilling and wear protective eyewear. Follow the instructions on the drill. Children should not do this step.